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January 18, 2022

NKK Dance Centre is happy to host it’s first international residency with Vancouver artists Sammy Chien and Caroline MacCaull of the collective Chimerik. Artistic director of Tribal Crackling Wind, Peter Chin has been commissioned by the Vancouver artists to serve as mentor for this residency.

April 25 2021


Dear reader,


Wishing all who read this all good things, even as I write this, in the midst of yet another lockdown, with successive waves of the pandemic with more virulent variants about us.

Yet, I persist here in rural Cambodia to build this wonderful dance centre, which I am sure is going to be a magical place of creativity, spirituality and international cooperation in the future.


The pandemic has actually allowed me to channel my energies and attention towards this project, to a degree that under normal circumstances, I would not have been in a position to do so. This is despite the fact that currently, Cambodia is under strict lockdown with mounting cases of community transmission, and an increasing number of casualties, where only a few months ago, Cambodia was a model of success for the world, with very low cases and no deaths. I am being careful, and here in the rural quietude just outside of Siem Reap, I am sequestered in the lovely Nature of the place, and feeling thankful for my good fortune, when so many are in difficulties and suffering. Good news!: NKK Dance Centre co-founder, Cambodian artist Rasy Hul, has now been vaccinated for Covid-19.


And so, my mission to build this centre, as a contribution to international creativity through dance, music and theatre, is all the more focused, determined and bursting with the mojo of manifestation. We have begun the process of building the dance studio! The ground has been cleared for the 30 by 50 foot space. We anticipate an inauguration of the studio in August of this year!


With the primary residence/administration building, and the lotus pond pavilion and the surrounding gardens established, when the studio is opened, the NKK Dance Centre will be ready to receive residencies and host dance events and rehearsals, and truly begin its vocation to the development of dance and art internationally, with a priority to Cambodian and Canadian artists, with a worldview that contributes to the burgeoning of contemporary dance that is freed from a default western-centric base-of-knowledge and model. Amen.


Challenging but exciting times.


Wishing you all that’s good


Peter Chin

Co-founder and artistic director of the NKK Dance Centre, Siem Reap Cambodia

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